With 10 years of experience in the high-end residential interior design between Rome, London and Melbourne, I work with the aim to create and deliver your dream house, with what you need and like to be surrounded by proposing and guiding you through the different options to make the process easy and enjoyable.


This service includes all phases of the design process, from the dream to reality.

The brief with the clients is the first step and essential to understanding the requirements, the clients lifestyle and desires to start the design phase.
The concept design follows and consists in the presentation of inspiring images and sketches applicable at the project to receive a clear direction on the style.

Joinery design and fitting selection, together with showrooms visits and mood-boards including samples will be the core part to decide how the interior spaces will look from a colour palette, style and layout perspective.

The site visits to ensure the construction progress are matching the design intent will be consistent, with the possibility for the clients to take part or delegate any question and doubt to myself.

While construction is happening the furniture selection, together with the decorative lighting and the soft bespoke furniture design can take place to ensure delivery at the right time.

Ideally, I would like to be involved in the design process as soon as the shell of the house take shape to have the possibility of giving my input on internal spaces before walls are built for the best project result.


What an exciting time to upgrade the existing building and make it your own.. or to refresh the existing space to feel and live better every day.

I am here to assist with the design of the internal spaces, new joinery and technical drawings, colour palette and materials selection to make the renovation harmoniously connect with the existing building, while delivering that extra space or better set up you were needing.


This is a lot of fun!

The easiest way to refresh spaces is new furniture and styling: this include the selection of art, decorative lighting, soft furniture, cushions and any decorative pieces to make the space look and feel better.

I source furniture around the world and honor original design and high quality products for the best results.
I can request quotes for all the furniture selection and I pass my trade discount to the clients for full transparency.

I offer a free of obligation 30min initial consultation onsite or online to discuss the project and know each other.

In regards to fees and payments, depending on the project scale I offer two options: hour rate and project package.

The fee will vary depending on the size, duration and aspects of the project. A budget estimate can be given after the initial consultation.